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Explorer Series

Major events, open to all.

HS0 / EX 0

Learn the basics of teaming, ideation, project management, and UI/UX design so you're prepared with the skills you need to plan your project.

HS1/EX1: Git Started

Learn the foundational basics of Git, HTML, and CSS so you can build websites collaboratively with a team, either as part of the Project Series or on your own with the help of our Resources.

EX2: React Essentials

Expand on the basics of Git and learn essential React skills such as components and state.

EX3: APIs & Databases

Learn to connect your web app with an API and then design a relational database in Supabase and connect it to your app.

EX4: iOS Apps

Learn the basics of app development for iOS using Xcode. It's required to have a Mac with Xcode downloaded for this session.

EX5: Deployment

Learn to deploy your web app to the public using Netlify. Then we will have open Q&A to help you troubleshoot your web apps.

Built with Resources
in mind

Sessions are designed to set you up for success on your own. Learn the basics, and then use async resources to continue your journey. Our tailor-made resources match up with presentations and provide supplemental materials for you to reference long afterwards.

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