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Map Boston

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Project Description

Boston map that can be drawn to highlight a series of recommended places on the outline of the shape made.


Allows the user to select the series of areas on the map which they want to explore without individually researching each address.

LinksGoogle doc for organization, checklist


  • Boston map
  • An assortment of drawing tools
  • Ability to draw on the map using the tools
    • Recognize the chosen path and highlight areas
    • Pops out sites of the recommended places based on the path
    • Blog-like, personalized information for each suggestion
    • Ability to add to the user’s own map
  • Interact with the map (shrinking, expanding, moving)
  • Create a users’ own map and storing the users’ data
    • Create a login, secure storage

Languages & Tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Firebase: Cloud Storage
  • Github: Pages
  • React