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Project Description/Goal

Chores4Us is a simple application that allows members of groups to create and delegate tasks. The application notifies group members what tasks they need to complete and allows one to mark off completed tasks. The application also supports different frequencies of chores: daily, weekly, and biweekly tasks.


As college students, we have found a common struggle in delegating chores between roommates. Wouldn't it be helpful if there was an app that helped remind roommates of their uncompleted tasks, so you wouldn't have to uncomfortably remind them yourself? Well that's where Chores4Us comes in.


  • "Add Task" Button:
    • Give the task a title/description
    • Delegate the task to an assignee
    • Add a due date
    • Select Frequency: daily, weekly, or biweekly
    • "Cancel" button if you do not want to add a task
  • Completed button (the checkmark)
    • To access completed tasks
  • "Back" button (arrow) to return to tasks page (from Completed Tasks Page)

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