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You should move things around on this page as you see fit. Things on the Workspace page are not visible on the public website, so make this page your own.

Github Link: [Add your team’s link here]


Here are some resources you can use for help with your project... (Click on the ▶ Toggle to see more info about each option.)
Oasis Hub:
This page has all kinds of resources for help with Web Dev. Learn about different Frameworks such as React as well as techniques for Ideation, Prototyping, and more!
Ask your group!
If you can’t figure something out on your own, you may just need an extra set of eyes or somebody to rubber duck to. Talk to your group and see if you can figure it out together!
Ask a mentor
Raise your hand or grab the attention of any of the mentors. Don’t worry if you don’t think you have the vocabulary to explain what you’re trying to do. They’re here to help you figure things out and to support you!
#ask-mentors channel on Slack
Use this channel to ask questions to any of the mentors and they can come help you. This is available even outside of Hack Sessions!
Direct Message your mentor on Slack
Messaging in the public #ask-mentors channel can feel scary, so feel free to direct message your group’s mentor on Slack at any time.

Hack Session Notes

Start a new note for each session. The notes are designed to help keep you on track. At the start of each session, click + New to create a new note. For HS1 we’ve made the note for you.
Hack Session 1
September 28


Use this section to keep track of your progress on different features. Collect information you need inside the pages for each task (such as docs, frameworks to use, ideas, etc.), and assign tasks to different people on your team. Click + New to add a task, and click on any task to add some more information to it. Remember to update the progress of your tasks as you work!
Not started
On Deck
In progress