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Project: FeedBoston


Project Description/Goal

Project: FeedBoston’s goal is to create an application for volunteer drivers and event hosts to deal with perishable foods. Drivers will be able to pick food up from catering events to the Food Bank of Greater Boston facility, where this food bank will store them in fridges. Then, when these soup kitchens are ready to receive these trays, these volunteer drivers will take them to the soup kitchen(s). This side will be an iOS-based side of the project, while the Administration side of the project will be web-based.


Currently, food banks supply food to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and low-income families all around the country. However, most of the time, food from catering events goes to waste because there isn’t enough space to store them or event hosts simply don’t know what to do with them.

Victoria has seen the effects of food waste through her time volunteering at soup kitchens and at food banks and wishes to help, if even by a little bit. Boston’s homeless issues are greater than that of her hometown, South Florida, considering the drug crisis among the homeless and low-income population.


Languages & Tools

  • Expo
  • React Native
  • Google Maps API