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Hack Session 1

Hack Session 1

Get to know each other!

Go around your group and share … 1. The Classics (name, major, year, classes, etc.) 2. What experience you have (none is okay!)


Get setup:
Set your notifications to All New Messages in the Slack.
  • Desktop: Click your photo/initials in the top right corner > Preferences >🔔 Notifications > Notify me about… > 🔘 All new messages
  • Phone: 😄 You (bottom right corner) > 📱 Notifications > On mobile, notify me about… > All new messages ✔️
We know notifications can be overwhelming, but doing this will make sure you don’t miss communication between you and your teammates.
Set up your Slack profile.
  • Desktop: Click your photo/initials in the top right corner > Profile > Edit > Add your name and upload a photo
  • Phone: 😄 You (bottom right corner) > 👤 View Profile > Edit Profile > Add your name and a photo
Once more on Slack, check in the left sidebar that you see this semester’s channel (#spring/fall20Xx), and to your group’s channel (#groupXx-sp/faXx) in 🔽 Channels

Ideate: Many of you wrote down ideas of what you wanted to make on your application. Share those ideas with each other and decide on one you want to focus on. Write down your ideas below, and bold/underline/highlight the one you decide on. If you need some help there are great resources on the > > Steps to Project Development >
Idea Generation
  • [Your ideas go here]

Expand: Think of ideas and features you want your project to have. Denote the essential ones that make it unique and special, the nice-to-haves, and the essentials that constitute your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Remember to think about what your users might want/need. You might need to do a little research. If you need some help with this section, there are good resources in > > Steps to Project Development >
Gather Information
  • [Features go here]

Design: On a device or on paper, draw out ideas for what the different screens of your project could look like. Think through different user interactions, how you want it to look, etc. Share your designs with your group and iterate on them—focus more on the UX than the UI at first! For help getting started with Prototyping, check out > > Steps to Project Development >
When you’re at a place you like, upload pictures of them them in the box below. Use /file to create more spaces to upload files if you have more than one.

Before you go

Write down an action item or few per team member to have attempted before next Hack Session. Keep them achievable, and remember you can ask each other and the #ask-mentors channel for help between sessions! An example for this week might include drawing a few more mock-ups for screens you didn’t get to during this session, creating some higher fidelity mock-ups for your most important screens in a tool like Figma, or doing preliminary research into some APIs you think you’ll need.

Slack your group’s mentor the following: 1. Your action item(s) 2. A question you didn’t ask today but are curious about (ex. “I don’t need to make the background of this form gray for my project to function but I’d like to, how do I do that?”) 3. What you think you’re most likely to need help with soon
Once you’ve filled this out, you’re good to go. Great job today, see you next week! 🧡