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Swift Specific Resources
Swift Specific Resources

Swift Specific Resources

Last Updated: 6 October, 2022

This little tutorial barely scratches the surface of what SwiftUI offers. This is a list of resources for learning more and developing your skills beyond what you’ll be able to do during your time in Oasis.

What you do have are the basic foundations to start learning more on your own! Take advantage of different resources to further your learning, and please reach out if you feel you’ve gotten stuck and want a helping hand.

🍎 Apple Developer Documentation

Documentation can look daunting, but it’s your best friend. It’s the source of truth and the primary for how everything is supposed to work. Even at its most sparse, you can still see what the signatures for different functions are and it’s organized in a relatively discoverable way so that you can go from what you don’t know out to what you might.

This links to all of the SwiftUI documentation.
This tutorial covers all of the basics and is my first recommendation for where to go next.
This tutorial discusses how to pass data around your app.

🎓 Other Tutorial Series

If you’re willing to put the time in, this is generally considered the best Swift resource for getting started.
This is where I get started when I want to understand a new framework or API from scratch

🖥️ Helpful Blogs

This blog has handy and approachable tips and tricks that I use all the time.

🎬 If videos are your thing…

Where I go for help with layouts.
This is the place to learn about managing data.