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Last Updated: 20 December, 2022

Setup Checklist ✅

Join Slack: Create an account using your Northeastern email address and join our Slack (link expires every 30 days, last refreshed 9/16/22). Once you’ve joined, we can add you to your project group!
Set your notifications to All New Messages:
  • Desktop: Click your photo/initials in the top right corner > Preferences >🔔 Notifications > Notify me about… > 🔘 All new messages
  • Phone: 😄 You (bottom right corner) > 📱 Notifications > On mobile, notify me about… > All new messages ✔️
We know notifications can be overwhelming, but doing this will make sure you don’t miss communication between you and your teammates.
Set up your profile:
  • Desktop: Click your photo/initials in the top right corner > Profile > Edit > Add your name and upload a photo
  • Phone: 😄 You (bottom right corner) > 👤 View Profile > Edit Profile > Add your name and a photo
Check in the left sidebar that you see this semester’s channel (#ask-mentors, #spring/fall20Xx), and to your group’s channel (#groupXx-sp/flXx) in 🔽 Channels

How to Threads 🧵

Using threads can help you keep your discussions organized into different topics. This lets you discuss multiple different topics simultaneously in the same channel!

How to Sections ⭐

It can be hard to keep track of all the channels most useful to you. Something you can do to help is to Star the channels you use most.

  1. Click on the channel in the 🔽 Channels section of the sidebar.
  2. Click on the name of the channel at the top of the window. (#channel-name 🔽)
  3. On the popover, click the ⭐ 🔽 dropdown. Select Move to... ⭐ Starred.