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Battle Mages

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Project Description

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Our goal was to make a mobile app which combined card dueling games with multiplayer board-based battlers.

Battle Mages is be a team PvP game where each player was moving around a board and playing cards from their hand to choose which spell they cast.

Teams compete for area control, elimination, capturing flags, or just battling each other in a free for all.

Included: Attacking, healing, buffing, debuffing, moving, unique status effects, AoE, melee, ranged, environmental effects


  • Game Board
    • We wanted to create a mobile game, and thus needed to create a board and UI that fit on a mobile screen, ending on a 8 x 10 board.
  • Damage/Health
    • The game was always a combat game from the very beginning, but a combat system was devised using a rock-paper-scissors format of colors and the card mechanic (described below)
  • Card Effects
    • The game was originally meant to be a deck building game, which meant that various cards could do various effects, including damage, healing, and status effects. Originally, we were hoping for an element system as well, but it was quickly discarded as it would make the gameplay too complicated for our limited time. Players cannot currently build a deck, but the code is structured to allow it should we eventually
  • Simultaneous turn mechanic
    • An idea that remained from our first idea, turns our taken in their game by selecting what you want to do within a real time limit. Enemies also select what they want to do, and then all selected actions are resolved at once, simultaneously.
  • “Player” and “Enemy”
    • Rescoped to be a single player against a horde of enemies instead, with the flexibility to add multiplayer to the game later.

Languages & Tools

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