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Project Atlas

Project Atlas


In short reading code is hard. The goal of Project Atlas is to make code easier to understand by creating a visual map of how the a project interacts with itself through direct analysis of its implementation.


  • A basic visualization of all files in a Java project and how they interact with each other through external file references
  • Analysis of Java code to identify external method calls and field initializations
  • Serialization of a directory tree into a JSON format

Languages & Tools

  • Java
    • JavaParser
    • Jackson JSON Serializer
    • Maven
  • TypeScript
    • React
    • VSCode Extension API
  • Visual Studio Code Extension




  • A combination of information design and program analysis to make code easier to understand
  • Easy to install VSCode Extensio
  • Panning and Zooming around the visualization

What we learned

  • Analysis of code quickly becomes complicated since not everything is known until runtime
  • The amount of work that goes into code analysis tools