Mullet is an online bullet journal that incorporates a mood tracker to help you reflect on your daily mood, gain insights into your mental health, and receive suggestions to maintain it.


All members of our group were well aware of how useful bullet journals are and were able to empathize with how it's something desirable to have, but is often time consuming and a lot more difficult than we think it is. We thought that it could potentially be more convenient to use if we made it accessible through a web page, which is what led us to the idea of creating a website where you can create your own bullet journal. After discussing how the current pandemic has affected many people's mental health, we thought it could be helpful to people if they were able to keep track of their moods, since this would give them the opportunity to reflect on their emotions. By doing so, this could help people with maintaining their mental health and even be able to improve it by using the included feature that gives users suggestions of what they could do to improve it. This is what led to our idea to create a mood tracker in an online bullet journal form.


  • Ability to create an account and log in to store your monthly mood progresses
  • Monthly mood tracker with numbers for mood ratings
  • Ability to make posts for daily moods
  • Insights page to reflect on moods, includes weekly average mood statistics, suggestions to improve mood if low, and mood graph to have a visual representation

Lanugages & Tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Visual Studio Code