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Project Description/Goal

Nutrify is a ranked recipe recommendation system that brings out the best culinary experience for users while making the dullness of choosing what to eat disappear! We plan to create a large recipe database (which users may further contribute) through web scraping basic information, and to provide an interface that gives users a multitude of options about their dietary requirements and preferences. From there we will construct a matching algorithm that ranks the best recipe ideas we can find for our users to take advantage of. As long range goals, users can like recipes and record their meals to further improve our algorithm. We also hope to expand ease of use in the future by integrating with their grocery experience, as we are committed to the full process of constructing an easy, nutritious and engaging meal plan.


We strive to maintain a nutritious diet but often find it difficult to think of varied and interesting recipes that catch our attention. It can require a lot of searching to find great ideas that align with the ingredients and the cravings that we have, all at once. This can bring about laziness and make it difficult to pursue healthy choices. We want a fun alternative that is easy and responsive to all of our goals so that cooking is made exciting!


  • Data logging: meal history, recipe favorites, recipe selection statistics
  • Long range preferences: dietary requirements, health goals, caloric requirements
  • Meal specific preferences to customize recs: cook time, cuisine, ingredient availability
  • Recommendations: ranked recipe suggestions based on preferences

Languages & Tools

  • Figma
  • Express (JS / TS)
  • MongoDB
  • React
  • Dev: GitHub / VS Code

MVP focus:

adding recipes, viewing your preferred recipes, searching for recipes, liking recipes




  • Login page / registration page
  • Home page
  • Explore and Save Recipes page
  • Fridge page
  • Recipes page